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Loving Support – Relationship Tip #5

In every relationship there generally comes a point where the person we care about begins to act in a way that makes absolutely no sense to us. They find a hobby that we simply don’t relate to or they make choices that we can’t understand. It can be any number of things. The question is, […]

Relationship Tips 2017

  As we head into 2017, Austin and I would like to select some of our most requested topics for coaching and begin to dive into them on our blog and FB page. At the top of this list – Relationship Support. Joining together with another person, be it romantic or otherwise, offers unique opportunities […]

Meditation Ideas for Kids

  Are you looking for fun ways to get your young ones to meditate with you? Kid’s aren’t eager to sit still and zen out with their parents, but when meditation is turned into an active exchange, their interest increases. Below are a few Active Meditation Ideas to consider. A link to all 20 ideas […]