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Why Is Breathing So Important?

Yes, breathing is absolutely important because it keeps you alive. However, breathing is much, much more than that. It is truly fascinating that our subconscious completely controls our breathing. Think about it…could you imagine what life would be like if we had to constantly monitor breathing in and breathing out? It would be extremely difficult to do multiple things at once, which leads to an important thing to recognize about breathing…

If you do switch your focus to breathing, you will realize what a tool it is. Simply focusing on breathing in and out will command your awareness. One of the keys to meditation is being present, in the now. Focusing your full attention to your breathing will make you be present. When you breathe, you may do this any way you like. What is recommended is to either sit down with your back against the wall or a pillow (on a couch for instance) or to lie down on your bed or floor. Any way you want to do your breathing exercises is fine, it is just important to be comfortable.

Hear yourself breathe and feel your body melt into the ground. Close your eyes and simply be.

Breathing Exercises

Here are a few breathing techniques that can be used for either relaxation or energy:

  • Relaxation
    • Deep Breath
      • Take one deep breath in through your nose (open up your diaphragm and release the tightness in your stomach as you breath in)
      • Hold the breath for a count of 3
      • Release the breath through your nose (don’t release quickly)
      • Repeat 11 times
    • Alternate Deep Breath
      • This will be the same as above
      • However, when you breath in, you will keep one nostril closed and the other nostril open, then vice versa when you breath out.
      • Example: Use your ring finger to close left nostril. Take a deep breathe in through the right nostril. Hold breath for 3 counts and then use your thumb to close the right nostril. Breath out through the left nostril that is now open. Keep left nostril open and breathe in. Then switch and etc.
      • Repeat 11 times
  • Energy
    • Fire Breath
      • Take 3 short breathes in through your nose then 3 short breaths out through your nose
      • Do this 4 times, then speed it up
      • Do the higher speed 4 times, then speed up again
      • Do the higher speed 4 times, then speed up again
      • This will be your highest speed – do this 4 times
      • After you complete this exercise, take a few deep breaths and realize how much deeper your breaths are and how much natural energy you now have

All You Need Is 2 Minutes…

Instead of watching that extra two minutes of TV or instead of surfing on the web that extra two minutes, take the time to relax and learn how to breathe.
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