Are You A Master Or A Student?

Master: gain control of; acquire complete knowledge or skill in; overcome
Expand: become or make larger or more extensive; to spread or stretch out; to open wide, unfold

In life, how often do we seek to master skills or experience, creating cycles where we do not advance until control is gained or complete knowledge is achieved? We strive to be the best in our field or a master of our craft. But in a world of ever growing and changing possibilities, how sustainable is this way of life?

What if we shifted our perspective of mastery slightly? What if we looked toward expansion versus mastery, allowing ourselves to acquire knowledge, but understand that complete knowledge is not ours in a vast universe of possibilities. This may create opportunities to build upon that which we do know with information not yet understood, allowing us to stretch out beyond that which is known into that which has not yet been discovered.

Today, allow yourself this possibility:

 “I am a master of nothing, but a student of everything; ever growing and expanding through this experience called life.”

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