In The End, Love Is All That Matters



My Last Moments With My Grandmother

by Amber Mikesell

Some reading this blog may know that before Austin and I joined together to create A&A Spiritual Concepts and The Meditative Minute, I had my own practice. For those who may not have known, I mention this only because I blogged under the name of this practice as well. Many of these posts have caught attention given recent world events. One in particular has really garnered a great deal of traffic and, as a result, Austin and I thought it might be good to share on this blog as well.

Yours in love ~

Mar 07, 2015

I’m certain most reading this article have, at some point in your life, lost someone you love. For me, I’ve had the honor of holding the hand of both of my grandmothers as they transitioned from this world to the next. These experiences shaped me in ways I cannot fully explain in a single article, However, there is one moment in particular that continues to call to me to share – more so now than ever.

As I sat with my father’s mother in her final evening, alone in her room, I noticed I could physically feel her fear settle to calm. My grandmother could not speak, but appeared fully alert and aware of her surroundings and me. During the time of her passing I had not yet fully come into my awareness, but I felt her and knew she felt me. Throughout the evening she and I began to ‘experiment’ with this connection and found ways to communicate by way of the energy. As we communicated, sharing gratitude for one another, these words came through stronger than anything I had felt to that point, “In the end, LOVE is all that matters.” After the words flowed through, she and I both began to cry. She felt it as strongly as I did and we both knew it was truth.

You see, dear friends, as I have progressed a bit more in my journey one thing has remained consistent – LOVE is the key. When we leave this world, the energy we generate is the only thing we take with us. It is our choice, in every moment, to determine what energy we want to transition out of this world carrying. My grandmother chose love in her final hours and the transition was beautiful. It is never too late to choose LOVE, as LOVE is unconditional. But the choice is ours – always.

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